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 Utau_Citrus the Kid

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PostSubject: Utau_Citrus the Kid   Tue Jun 01, 2010 11:36 am

What is Utau?
A fanmade vocaloid that uses the creator's voice and not a already made vocaloid's voice bank.
The program Utau which is what these fanmade vocaloids are named after, allows the user to make
a voice bank out of their own voice.

What is vocaloid?
A singing synthesizer program that's famous in the anime community. Espically Miku Hatsune which
a lot of people have seen before but don't know who she is and thinks she's from some anime. Vocaloid
is mostly made by Yamaha but crypton has made some too. Vocaloid works by first buying the program
then picking a melody then typing in the lyrics and viola! You got yourself a singing Vocaloids. Vocaloids
usually have a robotic like sound to it..

I say all of this for just one picture:
This is Citrus
Unlike most vocaloids/Utau he hardly sings and mostly uses sign language.
And he doesn't look like this, I was just havinfg fun drawing him cosplaying
death the kid, making him Citrus the kid! Yuki really does love Kid...

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Utau_Citrus the Kid
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